Second Generation

3. James WILSON was born in Dumfriesshire, Scotland 24 Jun 1785. He died 1 Dec 1872 in Buffalo Hart Twp, Sangamon Co, IL.

He married Jane FROOD in Lochmaben Parish, Dumfriesshire, Scotland, 16 Mar 1810.
Jane was born 3 Jun 1785 in Bridgemuir, a farm, Lochmaben Parish, Scotland, and died 3 Feb 1861 in Buffalo Hart Twp, Sangamon Co, IL. Jane was the daughter of Thomas FROOD and Janet CARRUTHERS.

The following excerpts and paraphrasings are from a John WILSON letter and autobiography (James and Jane's son). Click here for the complete text -

James attended school in Dumfries as long as his parents lived in Maryholm. When attending school the great poet Robert Burns died in Dumfries. He joined the large procession at the funeral and went it to the poet's grave in St. Michael's Churchyard.

James worked on the farm when his parents moved to Bush, a farm near Hightae, Dumfriesshie, Scotland, in May 1807. After marrying Jane Frood, he took charge of his father's farm.

Jane was brought up on Bridgemoor, a farm near Lochmaben. The spelling in the LDS Old Parish Records is Bridgemuir. Her father died when she was young and left her mother with seven children, four girls and three boys. Her mother carried on the farm until her death. Jane's oldest brother and youngest sister never married.

James was drafted for the army during the French War about the year 1814. It would have been a great sacrifice for him to have left home considering the condition of his family at the time. The recruiting officer agreed to take 25 pounds sterling from any drafted man and he would provide a substitute. James paid the money and received a discharge, which read: "Jas Wilson is hereby discharge having found a substitute" signed the officer.

In May 1832, James and his family left Bush and rented Carthat, a farm in the Parish of Lochmaben. It contained 200 acres. About half of it was moorland, covered with heather and considered almost worthless. He let the cattle and sheep range on it.

James WILSON and Jane FROOD had the following children all born at Bush, a farm near Hightae, Dumfriesshire, Scotland:

4. i. Anne WILSON was born 6 Feb 1811. She married Thomas WRIGHT. Anne's family.
5. ii. Jannet WILSON was born 21 Nov 1812. She married Thomas RICHARDSON. Jannet's family.
6. iii. Hellen WILSON was born 4 Nov 1814. She married John WRIGHT. Hellen's family.
7. iv. Thomas WILSON was born 4 Nov 1817. Thomas' family.
8. v.  John WILSON was born 1 Feb 1821. John's family.
9. vi. Mary WILSON was born 1823.
10. vii. Lillias WILSON was born 15 May 1825. She married Jacob CONSTANT. Lillias' family.
11. viii. Jane WILSON was born 16 Feb 1828. She married William Riley CONSTANT. Jane's family.

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