Fourth Generation

114. Peter Marion Gideon was born 12 Dec 1832. He died 19 Jan 1916. His body was interred in Bennett Cemetery, Madison Co, IA.

He married twice. He married Sarah Catherine Kerrick in Madison Co, IA, 7 Nov 1861. George A. Davis performed the ceremony.

He married Louisa Combs in Madison Co, IA, 7 Dec 1875. J. H. Potter, MG performed the ceremony.

Peter Marion Gideon and Sarah Catherine Kerrick had the following children:
359. i. Jim Gideon
360. ii. May Gideon.
361. iii. Marietta Gideon.
362. iv. Edna Olive Gideon.
363. v. Albert L. Gideon.
364. vi. Valentine Gideon.
365. vii. Bertha C. Gideon.
367. vii. Sterling Price Gideon was born in Madison Co, IA 25 Jun 1864. He died 1949. He married Emma Bivin. They had the following children:
    519. i. Roy Bellville Gideon married Lizzie Marie Robinson. The had four children.
    520. ii. Walter Marion Gideon was born in Hall Co, NE 18 Jan 1890. He died 27 Dec 1953 in Iowa City, Johnson Co, IA. He married Effie Merle McCumber in Moravia, Appanoose Co, IA, 21 Oct 1911. She was born in Scattersburg, Appanoose Co, IA 21 Oct 1892, the daughter of George Edgar McCumber and Barbara Ann Winkelman. She died 15 Jul 1943 in Centerville, Appanoose Co, IA. They had one child..
    521. iii. Myrtle Gideon was born 7 Aug 1907. She married Elmer "Pete" Lockman. They had three children.

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