Third Generation

21. Mary Miller was born in Loudoun Co, VA 11 May 1788. Mary died 2 Feb 1881. She married Robert Russell in Virginia, 20 Mar 1811. Robert was born in Virginia 18 Nov 1783, the son of James Russell and Sarah Osborn. Robert died 28 Mar 1873 in Champaign Co, OH.

"Our ancestor Robert, the fourth child of James and Sarah Osborn Russell, was born November 18, 1873. Robert came to Champaign County, Ohio in 1818 bringing with him his wife Mary Miller (daughter of Valentine and Sarah Conrad Miller) two sons, James and Valentine, a daughter Sarah, having baby Robert on the way (February 17, 1818). They settled in Champaign County, Concord Township, near Eris, Ohio. Four more children were born: Mary in 1821, Elizabeth in 1822, Ann in 1825 and John in 1827. The descendants of Robert (the child born to Robert and Mary on their way to Ohio) still live on this farm in Concord Township. Part I of this book is our ancestor Valentine." - Valentine Russell and His Descendants, by Marjorie Russell Pooler (1983), p.13

Mary Miller and Robert Russell had the following children:

78. i. James Edward Russell was born in Loudoun Co, VA 26 Jul 1812. James died 2 Oct 1897. He married Julia A. Mitchell in Champaign Co, OH, 6 Feb 1834. They had the following children:

255. i. Amanda Russell.

256. ii. Melissa Russell.

257. iii. Asenith Sedna Russell.

258. iv. Willie W. Russell.

259. v. Sarah Russell was born 31 Jul 1836. Sarah died 21 Jun 1930. She married Aaron Benson Funk 13 Nov 1860. Aaron was born in Salem Twp., Champaign Co, OH 8 Oct 1833, the son of Joel Funk and Elizabeth Kanaga.

"For more than two-thirds of a century Aaron B. Funk has been a resident of Champaign county, and his memory forms a connecting link between the primitive past and the progressive present, for he has not only watched with interest the progress of others, showing the trend of civilization and improvement, but has borne his part in the work of advancement. He now resides is section 23, Salem township, and it was in this township that his birth occurred on the 8th of October, 1833. His father, Joel Funk, was a native of Maryland and was there reared, also spending a portion of his youth in Pennsylvania. The paternal grandfather, Jacob Funk, died in Maryland or Pennsylvania. He was descended from one of the three brothers that came from Holland at a very early period in the history of this country and settled on the Atlantic coast. The father of our subject was married in Maryland and there took up his abode, following the occupation of milling for some time. In the year 1816 he arrived in Ohio, comingto this site on a visit, but being pleased with the prospect he returned to make it his permanent residence, in 1829, bringing his family. The journey was made by teams and they were twenty-nine days in crossing the country. He settled in Salem township, where he secured a tract of wild land and began the development of a farm, and as the years advanced this land returned to him an excellent income. There his remaining days were spent and he departed this life in 1861, at the age of seventy-two years. He was a very prominent member of the Methodist Episcopal church, active in its work and a liberal contributor to its support. He voted the Whig ticket until the organization of the Union party, when he became a Republican and continued one of its earnest supporters until his demise. He filled the office of justice of the peace and was a delegate tot he Baltimore convention that nominated Bell and Everett in 1860. His interest in politics was deep and sincere and as all American citizens should do he kept well informed concerning the issues of the day. He married Elizabeth Kanaga, a native of Pennsylvania, where she was reared and married. She was brought up in the faith of the Mennonite church, but became a member of the Methodist Episcopal church. She lived to be about eighty-four years of age. Her father was Christopher Kanaga, who was of German lineage, and thus the blood of German and Holland ancestors flows in the veins of our subject. His parents had a family of eight children, five of whom reached adult age, three sons and two daughters, but only two of the number are now living, the sister being Mrs. Caroline Share, of Minnesota.

"Mr. Funk, of this review, was the seventh child and fifth son and is the only representative of this family in the county. He was reared in his native township, pursuing his education in the log school house of the early days. He remained at home during the days of his youth, assisting in the cultivation and development of the home farm and thus his experience well fitted him to carry on agricultural pursuits on his own account.

"On the 13th of November, 1860, Mr. Funk was united in marriage to Sarah Russell, a native of Champaign county, who was born in Concord township January 31, 1836. Her parents were James and Julia (Mitchell) Russell. Her father was a native of Loudoun county, Virginia, and was about a year old when brought by his parents to Champaign county, Ohio, the former settling in Concord township. There he was married and made his home through most of his remaining days, but died in Salem township in 1897, at the ripe old age of eighty-five years. His wife reached even a more extreme old age, departing this life at the age of eighty-eight. In their family were nine children, of whom two are now living. Mrs. Funk and Mrs. Dellie Outran, who makes her home with her son in Salem township. Mrs. Funk was the second of the nine children and was reared in Concord township, the public schools of that locality furnishing her early educational privileges, and later she became a student in the school of BellFountain.

"Our subject and his wife began their domestic life upon the farm where they are still living. They have no children of their own, but have cared for some adopted children. Mr. Funk has given his attention to the conduct of his farm, which comprises one hundred and forty acres. He has also been engaged in the grain business, buying and selling grain to a considerable extent in connection with his farming operations. His entire life has been passed in Salem township, with the exception of a period of seven years, during which time he was engaged in the grain and stock business in Urbana, when he rented his farm. He is a stanch Republican, giving his unfaltering support to the principals of the party. As a member of the craft he belongs to Kink Creek Lodge, F. & A. M., which he joined at the time of its organization. He now has been a good Mason for forty-five years. For some years previous he was a member of the West Liberty Lodge in Logan county. He is identified through membership relations with the Methodist Episcopal church at Kings Creek is serving as one of its board of trustees and is a most active worker in its behalf, doing all in his power to promote its growth and extend its influence. Mr. Funk has led a useful and upright life and has gained the high regard of young and old, rich and poor. He is a worthy representative of an honorable pioneer family and at all times his career has been such as to reflect credit upon an untarnished family name. Abner Riddle was of a nephew of Mrs. Elizabeth Mitchell, Mrs. Arom being a cousin a third removed. The Riddles were a very old and honored family of Mifflin county, Pennsylvania."
- Centennial History of Champaign County, Ohio (1902), pp.460-463

260. vi. John Wesley Russell was born 18 Apr 1839. John died 5 May 1869 in Champaign Co, OH. He married Clara Zimmerman 1 Jan 1867.

261. vii. Julia Delphenia Russell was born 18 Dec 1846. She married twice. She married Rev. Thomas Cundy. She married John Outram 26 Feb 1869.

79. ii. Valentine Russell was born in Loudoun Co, VA 24 May 1814. Valentine died 23 May 1891 in Champaign Co, OH. His body was interred in Concord Cemetery, Concord Twp., Champaign Co, OH.

He married Margaret Hill in Champaign Co, OH, 26 Jul 1836. Margaret was born in Champaign Co, OH 6 Jul 1818, the daughter of Joseph Hill and Mary Purcell. Margaret died 4 Dec 1902 in Champaign Co, OH. Her body was interred in Concord Cemetery, Concord Twp., Champaign Co, OH.

Valentine Russell and Margaret Hill had the following children:

262. i. Mary Amanda Russell.

263. ii. Robert Hill Russell was born 8 Jun 1837. He married Almira J. Rohrer. Robert's family.

264. iii. Eliza Jane Russell was born 12 May 1839. She married Adam P. Vance. Eliza's family.

265. iv. Minerva Ann Russell was born 27 May 1841. She married Silas Nelson Longfellow.

266. v. James Edwin Russell was born 6 Sep 1848. He married Matilda Kiser.

267. vi. John Fletcher Russell was born 14 Jun 1851. He married twice. He married Emma Wiant. He married Amanda Caldwell. John's family.

268. vii. Lorren Valentine Russell was born 1854. Lorren died 27 Sep 1871. Her body was interred in Concord Cemetery, Concord Twp., Champaign Co, OH.

269. viii. Albert Willie 'A.W.' Russell was born 4 Apr 1859. He married Mary E. Snarr. Albert's family.

80. iii. Sarah Russell was born 30 Dec 1815. Sarah died 1 May 1884. She married David H. Neer in Champaign Co, OH, 26 Mar 1840. David was born in Champaign Co, OH 23 Apr 1815. He died 15 May 1892. They had the following children:

270. i. James Oliver Neer.

271. ii. Mary Samantha Neer. She died in 1875.

272. iii. Robert M. Neer. He died 1882.

273. iv. Ann Catherine Neer was born 2 Feb 1845. Ann died 2 Oct 1884. She married Dr. Daniel J. Comer 31 Jan 1878.

274. v. Amanda M. Neer was born 20 Aug 1851. Amanda died 22 Sep 1913. She married John W. Zimmerman 26 Mar 1872. John died 1930.

81. iv. Robert Russell was born 17 Feb 1818. Robert died 25 Nov 1897. He married twice. He married Lydia Hough. Lydia was born 15 Oct 1828. He married Mary Sweet 24 Oct 1848.

Robert Russell and Mary Sweet had the following children:

275. i. Malinda M. Russell was born 9 Sep 1849. She married Jeff Mullican.

276. ii. Clinton Eugene Russell was born 10 Jul 1867. Clinton died 29 Aug 1939. He married Belle Barger 11 May 1893. Belle is the daughter of M.W. and Sarah Barger.

82. v. Mary Russell was born in Champaign Co, OH 2 Apr 1820. Mary died 13 Jun 1905 in Champaign Co, OH. She married twice. She married Charles 'Elias' Wilson 25 Mar 1841. Charles was born 26 Feb 1820. She married William Barger 25 Mar 1841. William was born 9 Nov 1818. William died 26 Feb 1896.

Mary Russell and Charles 'Elias' Wilson had the following children:

277. i. John Russell Wilson. He married Tabitha Forry 22 Nov 1866. Tabitha died 5 Jun 1887.

278. ii. William W. Wilson was born 1 May 1842. William died 25 Feb 1923. He married twice. He married Ann V. Russell 25 Nov 1867. He married Mary Murry 14 May 1890.

Mary Russell and William Barger had the following children:

279. iii. George W. Barger.

280. iv. Robert M. Barger.

281. v. James M. Barger.

83. vi. Elizabeth Russell was born 22 Jul 1822. Elizabeth died 16 Jun 1846. She married Levi Johnson in Champaign Co, OH, 19 Jan 1841. They had the following children:

282. i. James T. Johnson.

283. ii. David F. Johnson was born 27 Nov 1843. David died 13 Jan 1910. He married Amanda Neer.

84. vii. Ann Russell was born in Concord Twp, Champaign Co, OH 23 Mar 1825. Ann died 6 May 1898 in Lincoln, Lancaster Co, NB. She married Ephraim Miller in Champaign Co, OH, 22 Sep 1846. Ephraim was born 25 May 1823. He died in 1913. They had the following children:

284. i. Edwin O. Miller was born 17 Aug 1847. Edwin died 20 May 1913. He married Eva Fuson 5 Sep 1876.

285. ii. Matilda Miller was born 6 Sep 1851. She married John Wesley Bishop 15 Sep 1871. John was born 4 Nov 1849.

286. iii. Avilla O. Miller was born 10 Mar 1854. She married Thomas Cornman 30 Dec 1875.

287. iv. Emma Miller was born 26 Apr 1856. She married Leonard Moore 25 Oct 1881.

288. v. Russell Miller was born 10 Jul 1858. He married Josephine Keith 3 Jan 1883.

85. viii. John Russell was born in Champaign Co, OH 22 Sep 1827. John died 16 Dec 1869. He married Margaret Russell. Margaret was born 29 Aug 1833. Margaret died 21 Dec 1901. They had the following children:

289. i. Mary Tamson Russell was born 16 Sep 1853. Mary died 5 May 1921. She married Daniel M. Bunnell 9 Apr 1874. Daniel was born 19 Oct 1849.

290. ii. Sallie Russell was born 27 Jun 1856. She married Harry E. Boal. Harry was born 14 May 1855.

291. iii. Frank Russell was born 19 Sep 1863. He married Mary White 13 Apr 1887.


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