Third Generation

18. John Miller was born in Loudoun Co, VA. He married Mary Ropp. They had the following children:

65. i. Eliza Miller. She married twice. She married John Boswell Sr. She married Isaac Zimmerman.

Eliza Miller and John Boswell Sr. had the following child:

210. i. John Boswell Jr.

Eliza Miller and Isaac Zimmerman had the following children:

211. ii. Joseph Zimmerman.

212. iii. Barbara Zimmerman.

213. iv. Ira Zimmerman.

214. v. Sarah Zimmerman.

215. vi. Jane Zimmerman.

216. vii. Isaac Zimmerman.

66. ii. Sarah Miller. She married Harrison Loudenbeck Jr. They had the following child:

217. i. Frances Loudenbeck.

67. iii. William Miller. He married Harriet Shoots. They had the following children:

218. i. Mary Keziah Miller. She married Joseph Lusby.

219. ii. Josephine Miller. She married Layton Yancy Shafer.

220. iii. Roseabelle 'Rose' Miller. She married Lewis Hall.

221. iv Wilfred Miller. He married Emma Erwin.

222. v. Miller.

223. vi. Farmer Miller. He married twice. He married Ida Roberts. He married Myrtle Craig.

224. vii. Harriet 'Hattie' Miller. She married Presley Sylvester Wright.

225. viii. Nevada 'Loveada' Miller. She married Centennial 'Sam' Hall.

226. ix. Sarah Etta 'Ettie' Miller was born 1870. Sarah died in 1959. She married Willoughby Preston Baughman. He was born 1866 and he died in 1938. They had the following children: 390. i. Kenneth Baughman., 391. ii. Hildred Baughman., 392. iii. Florence H. Baughman. Florence died 1940., 393. iv. Nevin Baughman., 394. v. Wilfred Baughman. He married Mildred Klopfstein., 395. vi. Lucille Glendora Baughman. She married Roy Klopfenstein., and 396 vii. Julia Jeanella Baughman was born 1906. Julia died in 1992. She married George William Petznick. He was born 1902 and he died in 1979. George was a doctor.

68. iv. Joseph Russell Miller. He married twice. He married Sarah 'Sally' Berry. He married Ann Ford.

Joseph Russell Miller and Sarah 'Sally' Berry had the following child:

227. i. John Joseph Miller.

69. v.

Mary Miller. She married John Oliver Jenkins. They had the following children:

228. i. Sarah Jane Jenkins was born 5 Sep 1850. She married Andrew Mark. They had the following children: 397. i. Mary Frances Mark. She married Dewitt Charles Littlejohn., 398. ii. Arvilla Jane Mark. She married Gordon Waltham Brown.

229. ii. Viola Virginia Jenkins was born 14 Jul 1855. Viola died 6 May 1883.

230. iii. James Buchanan Jenkins was born 21 Oct 1857. James died 30 Aug 1858.

231. iv. John Jackson Jenkins was born 21 Sep 1859. John died in March 1939.

232. v. Mary Elizabeth Jenkins was born 24 Apr 1860. Mary died 30 Jan 1922.

233. vi. William Bacon Beauregard Jenkins was born 22 Jun 1862. William died in March 1905.

234. vii. Franklin Orla Jenkins was born 15 Jan 1868.


70. vi. John Miller. He married Eliza Zimmerman. They had the following children:

235. i. Elmer Miller.

236. ii. Viola Miller.

237. iii. Rosa Rosaltha Miller.

238. iv. Mary Miller.

71. vii. Martha Miller.
72. viii. Catherine Miller was born 7 Jun 1828. She married William Kite. William was born 19 Apr 1828. He died 21 Apr 1903. They had the following children:

239. i. William M. Kite was born 14 Jul 1849. William died 17 Jan 1862.

240. ii. Mary Etta Kite was born 7 Aug 1851.

241. iii. Sarah E. Kite was born 21 Apr 1853.

242. iv. Martha J. Kite was born 21 Apr 1856. Martha died 11 Jan 1862.

243. v. Rose Kite was born 3 May 1857. Rose died 13 Jan 1862.

244. vi. John E. Kite was born 16 Sep 1859. John died 14 Jan 1862.

245. vii. Glendora Kite was born 24 Jun 1861.

246. viii. James E. Kite was born 1 Sep 1863.

247. ix. Romanus Kite was born 20 Nov 1865.

248. x. Franklin Elza Kite was born 14 May 1869.

249. xi. Ada Kite was born 26 Aug 1871.


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