Third Generation

17. Jacob Miller was born in Loudoun Co, VA. He had the following children:

57. i. Jackson Miller. He married Mahala Hensley. They had the following children:

189. i. Charity Miller. She married Sylvester Campbell. They had the following children: 385. i. Calla Campbell and 386. ii. Ann Campbell.

190. ii. Ann Miller.

191. iii. Virginia Miller. She married Frank Grimsley. They had the following children: 387. i. May Grimsley, 388. ii. Carrie Grimsley, and 389. iii. Eunice Grimsley.

192. iv. Tammy Miller.

193. v. Zetta Miller.

194. vi. Vallandingham Miller.

58. ii. Martha Etta Miller. She married Jacob Krump. They had the following children:

195. i. Sidna Krump.

196. ii. Charles Krump.

59. iii. Franklin Miller. He married Callie Maggart.They had the following children:

197. i. Etta Miller.

198. ii. Minnie Miller.

199. iii. Ora Miller.

200. iv. Charles Miller.

201. v. William Miller.

202. vi. Margaret 'Maggie' Miller.

203. vii. Alice Miller.

204. viii. Rose Miller.

205. ix. Lawrence Miller.

206. x. David Miller.

60. iv. Benton Miller.
61. v. Elizabeth Miller. She married Geo Pence. They had the following children:

207. i. Claude Pence.

208. ii. George Pence.

209. iii. Amanda Pence.

62. vi. Polly Ann Miller.
63. vii. Cass Miller.
64. viii. Margaret Miller.

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