First Generation


Christian Miller died 12 Jan 1796. His wife's name was Mary.

The land where the Miller farm was located is southeast from Neersville, Loudoun Co, VA. The stone farm house, facing the AT & T Road on the southside, was said to have been built by one of Christian Miller's sons in 1793. Above the gable there is an inscription that reads "1793". The Miller Burying Ground is near the house.

A photograph of the Miller Burying Ground has the following message written on the back of it:

"A close-up of the Miller Burying Ground near Hillsboro, Va., Loudoun Co., showing the stone slabs of two graves the one to the left of the tree bearing the name of Christian Miller and date of death reading: Jan. 12, 1796. The stone to the right bears the name of Elizabeth Miller with no dates remaining. Picture taken Oct. 15, 1932 by E. Miller"

Source for Mary's name is Christian Miller’s land indenture, dated 8 Feb 1806:
"...his heirs and assigns for ever free from the claims of themselves and of every other person except Mary Miller right of dowery during her natural life. She being the widow of Christian Miller deceased it being free from all other titles, charges, and incumbrences whatsoever..."

Christian and Mary Miller had the following children:

2. i. Adam Miller Sr. was born in Loudon Co, VA. Adam Sr.'s family.
3. ii. George Miller was born in Loudoun Co, VA. George's family.
4. iii. Valentine Miller Sr. was born in Loudoun Co, VA 27 Dec 1762. He married Sarah Conard. Valentine Sr.'s family.
5. iv. Christian Miller was born in Loudon Co, VA 12 Jan 1771. He married Sarah Neer in Loudoun Co, VA, 7 Jan 1809. Christian's family.

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